Napa Valley United School District Trustee Area Map

The interactive district viewer has been provided to help you explore the population of the school district and view the current trustee areas. Using this map, you will also be able to see Community of Interest (COI) testimony that has been submitted, and street-level detail of draft maps of the Trustee Areas.

How to Use the Interactive District Viewer:

  • On the right you'll find the Current NVUSD Trustee Areas layer and a list of Census geography layers with population.
  • Click the box next to Current NVUSD Trustee Areas to view the trustee areas as they are now. Above it, in the top right corner, you will see information about the trustee area under your mouse cursor, including the % deviation of that area.
  • You can also see how population is distributed throughout the school district by viewing the census geography layers provided in this map. Click the box next to the Census Tracts with Population layer to see the tracts in the school district and the population of each tract. You can view census blocks and the population of each block in the district by clicking the boxes next to those layers, as well.
  • To turn any layer off, click the name of that layer. The check mark should disappear along with the map boundaries of the layer.
  • You can also search by location to zoom the map into your area of interest by entering an address into the Search by Address or Location tool on the upper right-hand corner of the map and clicking the icon of the magnifying glass.

Thank you for your participation in NVUSD's districting!